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Soldering Robot - S2020L-PBT-3-50


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Products Features:

1. variety of programming model
a.The manual input mode: direct input solder spot coordinates/then on key global correction/ which can realize off-line programming(applicable to three axis soldering robot better)
b.Teach input mode: through the operation teaching box/ move the corresponding axis/ it can guide welding head to reach 3D space to any solder joints position/ then store the need of coordinate value. In the operating process/ it can choose manual speed and micro speed as request.
c.Data replication mode: through the USB of teach box which can copy and exchange the date in different machines/and revise the whole data correction/ also can realize off-line programming and data sharing.
d.Array functions: choose array starting point/end point/ reference point/the last line coordinates of reference points and the last line coordinates/all of this points can proceed the array copy.
e.Correction function: set three correction point which can make up for fixture skewing/ rotation and replace welding head caused by the deviation/ can avoid the unnecessary to re-check point and programming operation
f.Synchronization parameters input function: in the position of the programming can be carried out at the same time/ the solder parameters of input/ modify/ each solder joints of information display complete and accurate. For solder parameter type more PCB board is particularly effective

2.It can be set the weight of fixtures / and according to the fixtures weight for motion control algorithm optimization;Welding tip has safety height setting function/which prevent the damage of welding parts.

3.It can be set three movement speed: automatic speed (the system automatically in the running time)/ manual speed (teach programming in the initial positioning)/ micro speed (teach programming in the accurate positioning).

4.It can record the production information (welding production/ solder spot quantity/ welding time/ total welding time)/ can choose single point/designated multipoint (provisions up starting point and end point)/single/cycle solder operation mode.

5. It can support point soldering and slide soldering at the same time/including point soldering parameter 88 groups/slide soldering parameter 28 groups/which can be meet various highly difficult technology demand of soldering operation and micro soldering.

6.Abundant menu information/clearly for variety of date

7. Practical document management function:For date documents/which is preserved in teaching box/ It can be show、copy、rename、delete 、preserved into U disk and read specify document from U disk.

8.It can through external I/O interface and achieve real-time control for soldering robot to peripheral equipment.

Technical parameters:





Operating Range X.Y Axis (mm)
300×300 200×200 300×300
Z Axis (mm)
100 50 100
R Axis (*C)
0 0 340
Max Bearing capacity Tool(kg)
6 6 6
Maximum Speed*2 X.Y Axes (mm/sec)
60 600 60
Z Axis (mm/sec)
300 300 300
Maximum Speed*2 R Axis(degree/sec)
0 0 340
Repeatability *3 X.Y .Z Axes (mm)
±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.02
R Axis (degree)
±0.02 ±0.02 ±0.02
External Dimensions WxDxH(mm) 600 x 580 x 770 800 x700 x1050 800 × 700 ×1050
(excluding cables and protrusions)
Main Unit Weight(kg) Net Weight:56KG   Gross Weight:97KG Net Weight:85KG   Gross Weight:121KG Net Weight:98KG   Gross Weight:128KG
Motor system Precision micro-stepping motor
Control Method PTP (Point to Point) control, CP (Continuous Path) control
Interpolation function 3-dimensional linear and arc interpolation
Transmission method Synchronous belt + precision guide way
Teaching Method Remote teaching (JOG)/Manual Data Input (MDI)
Programming method Direct teaching using the optional teaching pendant
Display Teach pendant LCD 320mm×240mm
I/O signal port 8 input/ 8 output
Program Capacity File data 300 group/625 welding spot
Power supply AC 110/220 V inner switch  300W/350W
Working temperature 40 °C  - 500 °C
Application Applied to kinds of industrial soldering for plane, linear,Arc, 3D.such as PCB,USB electronic components and connect the wires to PCB etc.
*1  2-axes models are also available.
*2  Maximum speed cannot be achieved when the robot is bearing its maximum portable load.
*3  Repeatability does not guarantee absolute  precision.
*4  The point data capacity reduces as the total function data setting/point job data/sequencer data increases, due the shared data storage area.
Specifications may be modified without prior notice to improve product quality.

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