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Semiautomatic Soldering Station - C9 automatic soldering station


Dimensioned Drawing

The packing information:
1 unit/box       Packing Size:48*28*25cm   Net Weight:6KG    Gross Weight:7KG

Products Features:

1. The new design concept
Upgrade version of send solder soldering stations/ send solder construct/ heating element and solder tip and solder tube installation are all new design concept.
Fixed the soldering tip on the machine/ it can feed solder to the head of soldering tip automatically (no need one hand with solder/ another hand hold solder handle)/so this permit operator hold the solder equipment with two hands.

2. avoid Soldering explode function
C9 automatic feed soldering station punch hole on the solder can eliminate solder wire generated gas when melting/ reduce the soldering splash (different solder match with different solder tube);

3. flexible/ scientific working principle
Soldering tube and solder tip precision combined with an organic whole won't shift.
Can also separate install the controller and soldering tip/ send solder construct/ effective save operation space;
feeding solder position can be rotating 360 °around solder tip/ rotate to soldering tip of arbitrary Angle;
Solder tip/ solder wire tube Angle/ height arbitrary adjustable/ suitable for the different height operators application.

4. Two ways of solder feeding
1. Auto solder feeding: open the switch/ fixed solder wire length/ cycle operation
2. Manual solder feeding: press the switch to feeder solder/ loose switch to stop solder feeding
 Freely set solder feeding length (under AUTO model/ achieved by setting solder feeding time)
 Freely set solder feeding speed/ quick or slow per requirement

Technical parameters:

Model Name





Handle type Footswitch type Handswitch type Footswitch type Footswitch & Handswitch type
Funtion to be Choose Automatically feeding solder Automatically feeding solder Automatically feeding&breaking solder Automatically feeding&breaking solder
Power Consumption 95W
Input voltage 220V/110V 220V/110V 220V/110V 220V/110V
Output voltage DC24V
solder feeder speed 3mm/s-30mm/s
solder feeder time 0.00s-65.00s
Solder Dia to be choose 0.5/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.5/1.6 mm
Soldering type X1 series
Sleeping time set range 1-60min
The potential between tips and grounding between 2mv
The resistance between tips and grounding between 2mΩ
Version / System English and Chinese to be choosen
Application Applied to kinds of industrial soldering. such as PCB,USB electronic components and especially connecting the wires to PCB etc.
All of the soldering station with one year warranty.
Pls choose the suitable soldering tips for different kind of soldering station.
Specifications may be modified without prior notice to improve product quality.

Soldering tips for X1:

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