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Lead Free Soldering Station - Q80 soldering station


Dimensioned Drawing

The packing information:
1 unit/box       Packing Size:30*35*20cm   Net Weight:3.5KG    Gross Weight:5KG

Products Features:

1.The latest appearance design/ with LCD large screen display window/ beautiful/ give a kind of fresh and new feeling/ from the traditional simple evolution for small home appliance/ the same beautiful/ it is both a soldering tools and production field ornaments.
2. Use the selection of exquisite material/ absolute good quality; ensure long service life/ durable/ the host use life up to 5 years.
3. Handle design compact/ soft feeling/ good high temperature isolation effect/ continuous working temperature is still not more than 40 degrees/ the staff working for a long time also do not get bored/ reduce staff turnover.
4. Induction dormancy function/ dormancy judgment accurate/ so can improve the heating device/ soldering iron tip etc. material life/ to reduce cost.
5. Password locks the temperature.
6.Separate soldering tip—From normal temperature to 350 ℃only 15 seconds/ consumable parts economical and practical.

Technical parameters:

Model Q80 X1
Input voltage AC220V/110V
Output voltage AC24V
Electronic heater power 80W
Temperature range 150℃~450℃
no-load temperature difference ±2℃
Soldering tip and ground resistance ≤2Ω
soldering tip leakage voltage ≤2mV
Select soldering tip Q1 and LT series X1 series
Password setting range 001~999(000 no password)
Sleeping temperature range 50℃~≤ setting temperature
Sleeping time range 1~60min
Manual adjust temperature range -99℃~99℃

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