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Automatic Tape Dispenser - AT-60 tape dispenser


Dimensioned Drawing

The packing information:
1 unit/box       Size:18*23*19cm

Products Features:

1. Cut tape/ gummed paper/ protective film width from 6-60 mm
2. Can clamp two volumes tape at the same time/ and cut at the same time.
3. Memory function/ set the OK length/ shutdown then start the machine/ still keep the original data.
4. Circulation cutting function set six groups of different length cycle supply freely.
5. Thick and thin tape can be applicable

Technical parameters:

cutting length accurately.
6. Safety performance is high/ A: design safety cover in the cutting blade place. B: when the machine was blocking/ warning device automatic work/ even if the tamper cleared/ the machine will not immediately work/ must press start button again to continue to work.
7. no roller design
8.Applicable scope: filaments tape/ strengthen tape/ acetate fiber tape/  glass fiber tape/ double-sided adhesive/ Normex/ etc

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